Continuing Sponsorship

We are one of the pioneer batch of Full Sponsors authorised by the Singapore Exchange to undertake introducing and continuing sponsorship activities for companies listed on Catalist, the sponsor-supervised listing platform to attract fast growing companies to raise capital in Asia.

Our continuing sponsorship services include working with the boards of directors of our sponsored companies to effect their growth plans through acquisitions and fund-raising, and providing guidance to our sponsored companies on compliance with the listing rules. 

With our team of professionals with extensive transactional experience in corporate finance and fund raising across a multitude of industries, we are able to appreciate and react to the changing marketplace, and provide relevant and practical advice. We are currently the Continuing Sponsor for the following companies:

  1. 3Cnergy Limited (fka HSR Global Limited)
  2. 800 Super Holdings Limited
  3. Albedo Limited
  4. Brooke Asia Limited (fka Latitude Tree International Group Ltd.)
  5. CCM Group Limited
  6. Chew's Group Limited
  7. CNMC Goldmine Holdings Limited
  8. Colex Holdings Limited
  9. Communication Design International Limited
  10. CPH Limited
  11. E2-Capital Holdings Limited (fka Westminster Travel Limited)
  12. Figtree Holdings Limited
  13. Halcyon Agri Corporation Limited
  14. Healthway Medical Corporation Limited
  15. Heatec Jietong Holdings Ltd.
  16. International Healthway Corporation Limited
  17. JK Tech Holdings Limited
  18. Jubilee Industries Holdings Ltd. (fka JLJ Holdings Limted)
  19. Keong Hong Holdings Limited
  20. Kori Holdings Limited
  21. Libra Group Limited
  22. Logistics Holdings Limited
  23. Malacca Trust Limited
  24. Mary Chia Holdings Limited
  25. New Wave Holdings Ltd
  26. Old Chang Kee Ltd.
  27. Plato Capital Limited
  28. PNE Micron Holdings Ltd
  29. Rex International Holding Limited
  30. St. James Holdings Ltd
  31. Starland Holdings Limited
  32. Tritech Group Limited
  33. Xyec Holdings Co., Ltd


If you would like to enquire further about our continuing sponsorship services, please contact us.